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LDorado List

Viewing and Analyzing KBL or LDorado Documents, Creating Reports

LDorado List is the generic viewing component used to display any textual information in a tabular form remaining comfortable and flexible in its user interface. Information is read from XML, KBL or other AP212 data files, then displayed in rows and columns and if necessary in multi-level tables. So LDorado List may serve as medium for communication between different departments in the design and manufacturing process. It will also help to increase documentation quality for subsequent processes. Being able to visually check the wire lists will almost certainly decrease potential errors.


Data to be visualized could be KBL sections out of AP212, concerning drawing templates, connection lists, bill of material and connector or module lists.


Functions like reduce or increase data amount, scrolling, sorting of tables or table rows makes the required display very easy to configure.


The document's structure is displayed in a hierarchy tree view.